Animal lectinsBacterial lectinsFungal and yeast lectinsPlant lectinsProtist, parasites, moldVirus lectins
a-helix triplets / Duffy-likePlasmodium Erythrocyte binding antigen
a/b barrel / TIMchi-lectin (TIM)chi-lectin (TCLL)chi-lectin (TIM)
a/b hairpin / non-globular proline-richP-domain of calnexin and reticulin
a/b mixed / C-type lectin-likeC-type lectin
a/b mixed / LysM domainLysM-like
a/b mixed with b-sheet / Fibrinogen C-ter likeFicolin-like
a/b mixed with b-sheet / MAR domainMAR Micronemal protein
a/b mixed with b-sheet / not classifiedMycoplasma adhesinsFactor H-binding proteinHOP-OMP adhesins
a/b OB-foldCholera toxin like AB5heat labile toxin IIB AB5Pertussis toxin AB5Shiga toxin AB5Staphylococcal enterotoxinStaphylococcal Superantigen-LikeThyphoid toxin like AB5
b-barrelP-type lectinP-type lectin-likeOAA-like
b-hairpin stackToxin repetitive domain
b-helixVariable Lymphocyte ReceptorAcinetobacter phage AP22E coli bacteriophageE coli phage CBA120Salmonella bacteriophageShigella phage Sf6
b-prism IJacalin-likeNatterin-likeOyster lectinVibrio b-prismJacalin-like
b-prism IIMonocot-lectin likePyocinMonocot-lectin likeMonocot-lectin like
b-prism IIIFungal prism lectins
b-propellerTachylectin-2-like (PropLec5A)Tectonin (PropLec6B)AAL-like (PropLec6A)BPL and CVL like (PropLec7C)PLL-like (PropLec7A)AAL-like (PropLec6A)PVL-like (PropLec7B)Tectonin (PropLec6B)neuraminidase-like
b-sandwich / 2 calcium lectin2 calcium lectin
b-sandwich / ConA-likeANXUR1 Malectin-likeERGIC-VIP L-typegalectin-likeLaminin G-likeMalectinPentraxinERGIC-VIP L-typegalectin-likeYeast Emp L-typeL-type (legume lectin)Physarum lectinCoronavirus spike proteinRotavirus spike proteinRotavirus spike protein P2
b-sandwich / CUB-likeL-rhamnose binding lectin
b-sandwich / cyanovirin-likecyanovirin-likeMicrovirin CVN-likecyanovirin-likecyanovirin-like
b-sandwich / cytolysin-likeFungal fruit body lectinOomycete cytolysin
b-sandwich / Galactose-binding domain-likeF-type lectinH-type lectinSea anemon lectin1 Calcium lectinF-type lectinCBM67-like
b-sandwich / Ig-likeI-type lectinserine-rich repeat adhesinIg-like
b-sandwich / PA14 adhesinPA14 RTXPA14 yeast adhesin
b-sandwich / pili and adhesinsbacterial adhesin (CfaE)bacterial adhesin (FaeG)bacterial adhesin (FedF)bacterial adhesin (FimH-FlmH)bacterial adhesin (GafD)bacterial adhesin (PapG)bacterial adhesin (PsaA)bacterial adhesin (UclD)
b-sandwich / TNF-likeTNFa-like
b-sandwich / viral coat and capsid proteinBluetongue virus coat proteinEquine Rhinitis A Virus Coat ProteinFMDV receptor complexPolyomavirus capsid protein
b-sandwich / viral protein domainhemagglutinin-esteraseInfluenza hemagglutinin
b-sandwich / virus globular domainFiber knobFiber-knob parvovirusPhage binding domainTurkey siadenovirus A
b-trefoilCys-rich man-receptorEarthworm lectinMussel lectinRicin-likeClostridial toxinFungi and Clostridium b-trefoil lectinRicin-likeBoletus and Laetiporus b-trefoil lectinClitocybe lectin-likeCoprinus b-trefoil lectinFungi and Clostridium b-trefoil lectinSclerotinia lectin likeAmaranthin-likeRicin-like
peptideTrefoil Factor
small protein / APPLE domainSML2 Micronemal protein
small protein / disulfide richCyanobacterial scytovirin
small protein / Invertebrate chitin-binding proteinInvertebrate chitin-binding protein
small protein / KnottinSpider toxinGinkbilobin-likeLyophyllum ginkbilobin-likeGinkbilobinhevein
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