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What is UniLectin3D ?
The UniLectin3D module provides curated information on 3D structures of lectins. Lectins are grouped into families based on the carbohydrates binding domains.
How many lectins and structures ?
2198 3D XRay structures (1400 with interacting glycan), 535 distinct lectin sequences, 228 distinct glycans, 893 articles
Last update the 2020-03-29 19:10:59

ie. human, propeller, 1TL2(PDB), Q47200(UniProt), GalNAc, Lewis ...

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a-helix triplets / Duffy-like
a/b barrel / TIM
a/b hairpin / non-globular proline-rich
a/b mixed / C-type lectin-like
a/b mixed / LysM domain
a/b mixed with b-sheet / Fibrinogen C-ter lik
a/b mixed with b-sheet / MAR domain
a/b mixed with b-sheet / not classified
a/b OB-fold
b-hairpin stack
b-prism I
b-prism II
b-prism III
b-sandwich / 2 calcium lectin
b-sandwich / ConA-like
b-sandwich / CUB-like
b-sandwich / cyanovirin-like
b-sandwich / cytolysin-like
b-sandwich / Galactose-binding domain-like
b-sandwich / Ig-like
b-sandwich / PA14 adhesin
b-sandwich / pili and adhesins