LectomeXplore protein index for Cellulomonas sp KH9 A0A1I3WCV7 identified as Monocot-lectin like scored 0.33
A0A1I3W735 identified as LysM-like scored 0.25
A0A1I3X051 identified as Ricin-like scored 0.21
WP_177199693 identified as Ricin-like scored 0.21
A0A1I3SGZ1 identified as Ricin-like scored 0.15
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How to cite: François Bonnardel, Julien Mariethoz, Serge Pérez, Anne Imberty, Frédérique Lisacek, LectomeXplore, an update of UniLectin for the discovery of carbohydrate-binding proteins based on a new lectin classification, Nucleic Acids Research doi.org/10.1093/nar/gkaa1019