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What is LectomeXplore ?
LectomeXplore is a module dedicated to the exploration of predicted lectins for each of the 107 classes from UniLectin3D classification. Translated genomes (proteomes) released in the UniProtKB and RefSeq sequence databases and in the PDB structure database were screened to identify the lectome (complete set of lectins) of the corresponding species.
How many predicted lectins ?
Proteins with a specific lectin domain: 561926 candidate lectins in 17470 species
At score > 0.25 = 25% similarity: 347521 lectins in 11658 species
At score > 0.5 = 50% similarity: 70548 lectins in 4135 species
Last update the 2020-10-09 12:11:13

ie. Salmonis, Mycobacterium, B9ENV9(UniProt AC) ...

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