available structures
1A3K : bGal14GlcNAc1KJL : bGal14GlcNAc1KJR : derivative of LacNAc2NMN : bGal14Glc2NMO : bGal14Glc2NN8 : bGal14Glc2XG3 : benzamido-N-acetyllactosamine3AYA : bGal13aGalNAc-Ser3AYD : bGal13aGalNAc-PNP3AYE : bGal14Glc3T1L : MQT3T1M : DQT3ZSJ : bGal14Glc3ZSK : no ligand3ZSL : no ligand3ZSM : no ligand4BLI : Thio di-galactoside derivative4BLJ : Thio di-galactoside derivative4BM8 : Thio di-galactoside derivative4JC1 : thiodigalactoside4JCK : thioditaloside4LBJ : bGal13GlcNAc13bGal14Glc4LBK : bGal14GlcNAc13bGal14Glc4LBL : aNeuAc23bGal14Glc4LBM : bGal13GlcNAc13bGal14Glc4LBN : bGal14GlcNAc13bGal14Glc4LBO : aNeuAc23bGal14Glc4R9A : bGal14Glc4R9B : bGal14Glc4R9C : bGal14Glc4R9D : bGal14Glc4RL7 : bGal14Glc4XBN : bGal13GlcNAc5E88 : thiodigalactoside derivative5E89 : thiodigalactoside derivative5E8A : thiodigalactoside derivative5EXO : galactose derivative5H9P : thiodigalactoside derivative5H9R : 3-deoxy-3-(4-[m-fluorophenyl]-5IUQ : no ligand5NF7 : LacNAc derivativee5NF9 : LacNAc derivative5NFA : LacNAc derivative5NFB : LacNAc derivative5NFC : GLYCEROL5OAX : no ligand5ODY : no ligand6B8K : no ligand6F2Q : no ligand6F6Y : no ligand6FK2 : Lactitol6FOF : bGal14Glc6I74 : no ligand6I75 : no ligand6I76 : no ligand6I77 : no ligand6I78 : no ligand6KXA : aGalA14GalA6KXB : aGalA14GalAa14GalA6Q0Q : Gal derivative6Q17 : Gal derivative6QGE : no ligand6QGF : no ligand6QLN : fluoroaryl triazole monothioga6QLO : substituted fluoroaryltriazol6QLP : substituted polyfluoroaryl mon6QLQ : fluoroaryltriazole monothiogal6QLR : fluoroaryltriazole monothioga6QLS : fluoroaryltriazole monothioga6QLT : fluoroaryltriazole monothiogal6QLU : fluoroaryltriazole monothiogal6RHL : galactose derivative (R enanti6RHM : galactose derivative (S-enanti6Y4C : bGal14Glc7BE3 : bGalNAc14GlcNAc

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